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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to Future Focus you will find a selection of questions and answers to help you make an informed decision.

Enrolment Questions

We will provide an environment for children to explore, along with planned and spontaneous experiences and provocations that encourage children’s curiosity, as they freely explore, question, and wonder, and by doing so, develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes. Our environment will be enriched with provocations relating to current interests.

Enrolment Form

You can enrol your child along via the Enrol Now option. Once enroled you can complete the All About Me form which will give Kaiako insight into your child’s routines.

Settling In

Settling visits the week prior to starting are required. Genrally 3 seperate visits are required however we are able to support you should you require immediate care. We can also extend the period of settling to suit your needs.

Invoicing & Payments

Invoices are automatically generated every Monday afternoon for the following week. Invoices are required to be paid by Thursday, the week prior to attending. Your account should maintain 1 week in advance. We appreciate payment on time. We require 2 weeks notice if you wish to unenrol or make changes to your child’s days or hours. We will however do our best to support any changes as soon as possible to support your needs.


Please talk to the Centre Manager if you would like to complete a WINZ Childcare Subsidy form.

Public Holidays, Sick Days, Annual Leave

Our fee structure contributes to us having high quality teaching staff with ratios that support quality learning. It also adds to features of convenience including healthy snacks and lunches, nappies for those still using them and ample resources to support learning outcomes. Our fees are set at a weekly rate based off 52 weeks of the year that already accounts for public holidays therefore there is no discount during stat days, sick leave or annual leave.

Sibling Discount

We offer a sibling discount of 10% on the oldest child’s fees. Future Focus review their fee structure annually and any changes to our fees will be made in February of each year.

20 ECE Hours

Future Focus offers the 20 ECE hours subsidy for over 3’s. We do not offer free childcare at Future Focus.

Food & Nutrition

Food and nutrition is fundamental to developing a sense of well-being and to meeting the growth, development, and activity needs of healthy, confident children.

We see it as part of our role to provide an environment where children learn to make healthy food choices, are educated and are given opportunities to grow, prepare and taste new foods. Our experienced chef constructs nutritious and wholesome fresh food for our children. Produce sourced locally, we ensure all meals provide the nutritional value that growing young children need for enjoyment and active development.

Allergies & Dietary Requirements

We can cater to your child’s allergy or dietary requirements. At the time of enrolment please specify any information regarding your child’s allergies, intolerneces or dietary requirements.


Formula is to be provided by parents and caregivers. We can supply cows milk for $1 a day for your child over the age of 12 months.

Meal Times

We ensure meal times are an empowering time for children, encouraging children’s independence, promoting self-help, and making independent decisions regarding healthy eating. Meal times are a pleasurable, unhurried time together enabling children and Kaiako to engage in conversation and develop stronger relationships.

Food Hygiene

The kitchen is operated safely, and food is handled appropriately so that the food served to children is safe and suitable to eat. The kitchen and food meets the National Programme 2 food safety requirement obligations under the Food Act 2014 and the Food Regulations 2015. This is a summary of recommended practices that will assist in ensuring food is prepared served and stored hygienically to comply with food safety and food handling regulations and make food safe.

Health & Safety

The Health and Safety of our employees, children, whānau and visitors is vitally important. The promotion of wellness, the provision of a safe working environment and safe work practices are very important to Future Focus.

Hazard Management
Our system for identification and control of hazards in the work environment ensures the safety of children, staff, parents, caregivers and visitors. Future Focus has a Hazard Management and Identification plan to identify and eliminate, isolate or minimise hazards.
Emergency Procedure

All employees of Future Focus undertake a Health and Safety Induction within the first week of employment. Regular drills will be practiced so staff become familiar with their roles and responsibilities and develop confidence with various emergency scenarios. All drills will be documented, and the effectiveness of the procedure will be evaluated.


We recognise the importance of real‐life experiences for children. The children’s experiences will be enriched by outings into the wider world. Excursions support children in learning about the people, places and things in the local community and provide opportunities for rich and meaningful learning. To ensure the well‐being and safety of the children when we head out of the centre on excursions, inherent risks involved in outings and excursions will be managed and careful supervision maintained.

Illness Policy

We are committed to providing a healthy environment for all children and staff by providing an environment in which all efforts are made to reduce the risk of illness and infectious diseases spreading. We aim to ensure that children do not come into contact with any person on our premises who is suffering from a disease or condition likely to be passed on to children and likely to have a detrimental effect on them. Upon enroling it is important that parents and caregivers read over our Illness Policy.

Medicine Administration

We believe in supporting the wellbeing of the children within our care. It is our practice to only administer prescribed medication with written approval from the parents / caregivers or Doctor, and non-prescribed medication with written approval from the parent / caregiver.

Ask a Question

If you are curious to know more about how our team will support and nurture your child, we are here to answer your questions.

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