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“Fill the Gap” – Released Every Tuesday!

Fill the Gap is committed to supporting the sector. We want to “eliminate the grey” by building greater understanding of the value of Early Childhood Education.

“Get to Know” – Released Every Thursday!

We love the origin stories of our team and their ideas. This podcast is a deep dive into the background and the ideas of our people, their journey and learnings thus far, the value they bring to our sector and where their goals are taking them.

“Such and incredible podcast! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It is amazing. We are so lucky our little one has been able to meet and play with Lauren already”

– Megan Dudley (Parent)

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Future Focused: Get to Know Ep. 25 - Angelman Syndrome
In our latest episode, we had the honour of hosting Gala, the dedicated māmā of our beloved Fìadh. We delved into Fìadh’s journey with Angelman Syndrome, discussing the impact it has on her daily life, learning, and development. We explored the unique challenges she faces and the support she requires from the ministry of education and health, support we’ve had to fight for together. We extend our deepest gratitude to Gala for sharing her story, raising awareness, and advocating for children like Fìadh.
Future Focused: Get to Know Ep. 28 - Michelle

Sit down for this awesome kōrero with our beautiful Bach Kaiako Michelle! We had to catch her before she made her way back to her whānau in the UK, a huge loss to our Future Focus whānau. In this episode we dig into her passions as a kaiako, her courage in pushing through the perceived barriers of dyslexia, and how she stood up to her bullies deciding enough is enough.

Future Focused: Get to Know Ep. 26 - PracMed NZ: Choking in Young Children

What a privilege it was to have Simon and Steph, the founders of PracMed NZ, join us on our podcast! Together, we delved into the critical issue of the lack of knowledge and opportunity for kiwi’s to engage in relevant training, and their mission to reduce the number of preventable deaths in Aotearoa. In this episode, we took a deep dive into the incidence of choking in young children, discussing the essential training PracMed NZ offers in this space. Their commitment to saving lives through education is truly inspiring, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to shed light on this important topic. Thank you Simon and Steph!

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