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“Fill the Gap” – Released Every Tuesday!

Fill the Gap is committed to supporting the sector. We want to “eliminate the grey” by building greater understanding of the value of Early Childhood Education.

“Get to Know” – Released Every Thursday!

We love the origin stories of our team and their ideas. This podcast is a deep dive into the background and the ideas of our people, their journey and learnings thus far, the value they bring to our sector and where their goals are taking them.

“Such and incredible podcast! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It is amazing. We are so lucky our little one has been able to meet and play with Lauren already”

– Megan Dudley (Parent)

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Future Focused: Tamariki Ep. 08 - Our Mahanga take on the Temptation Test!

The Future Focused Podcast is turning 1! In celebration we decided to do another fun experiment with our clever tamariki! This time we presented them with a twist on the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment, adding in a little more temptation to sneak a treat! Will our mahanga resist the sweet temptation?

Future Focused: Tamariki Ep. 01 - Stanford Marshmallow Experiment
Welcome to Future Focused: Tamariki! Our first podcast episode with our awesome tamariki! To kick us off, Beau and Ayla take on the The Stanford marshmallow experiment! This was a study on delayed gratification in 1970 led by psychologist Walter Mischel, a professor at Stanford University. The experiment involves offering a child a choice between one small immediate reward, or two small rewards if they could wait a short period of time. See how Ayla and Beau’s patience was tested in this fun test of patience!

*Disclaimer: This video was filmed under controlled, supervised conditions. Parental permission was received and the tamariki were able to be seen and heard throughout the duration of filming by a first aid qualified adult, who had immediate access to the room if required. They just couldn’t see us*

Future Focused: Get to Know Ep. 26 - PracMed NZ: Choking in Young Children

What a privilege it was to have Simon and Steph, the founders of PracMed NZ, join us on our podcast! Together, we delved into the critical issue of the lack of knowledge and opportunity for kiwi’s to engage in relevant training, and their mission to reduce the number of preventable deaths in Aotearoa. In this episode, we took a deep dive into the incidence of choking in young children, discussing the essential training PracMed NZ offers in this space. Their commitment to saving lives through education is truly inspiring, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to shed light on this important topic. Thank you Simon and Steph!

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